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Who we are

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Spark® Therapeutics, Spark Generation Patient Services, and you

At Spark Therapeutics, we challenge the inevitability of genetic disease. We are committed to delivering patient services that are as innovative and insightful as our cutting-edge gene therapy. Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient Services partners with patients, responding to their specific needs, to instill confidence that the support provided is as novel as the treatment received.

You will have a knowledgeable and caring team

The Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient Services team is made up of Patient Access Specialists (PASs) and Patient Access Liaisons (PALs). Every patient who enrolls in the program will have the support of a dedicated PAS and PAL.

We can help by:

  • Providing a caring support team from confirmed diagnosis through postsurgery follow-up
  • Ensuring a single point of contact to help you navigate insurance coverage and connect you with financial assistance resources as needed
  • Helping to coordinate your visits to the treatment center
  • Answering any nonmedical questions you may have along the way

Meet the Patient Access Specialist (PAS) team

Your dedicated PAS is always your first point of contact. We primarily help with navigating insurance coverage and coordinating your treatment center visits. Every PAS works at the Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient Services office, and remains in contact with you by phone or email.

Christina D
Headshot of Christina from the PAS support team

I always knew that I wanted to work in a role where I could help make a difference in someone's life. As early as 16, I was working at a pharmacy helping to dispense prescriptions. It was just a start, but even then I felt like I was doing something that made others feel better. As I got older, a pivotal life event inspired my current career path: my mother’s health began to decline. After suffering several strokes, and visiting doctor after doctor, we finally discovered that she had a rare blood disorder. I saw firsthand how frustrating it was for her to deal with the insurance issues, and the emotional burden, on her own. I decided then that I would be a person whom people like her could turn to for support.

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The value Spark® Therapeutics places on quality of life is reflected in the commitments made to support the best interests of the patients. Every person here shares that same devotion and uses it as a guiding principle for their everyday interactions. My role gives me the unique opportunity to be part of patients’ treatment experiences, and for that I feel truly blessed. Personally, I’ve already learned so much about resilience and strength from the patients I’ve worked with.

In my spare time, I love to write poetry and listen to music that moves me. I also really enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews. Actually, I like being an aunt so much that I’ve even claimed my friends’ children as family too!

Kristin H
Headshot of Kristin from the PAS support team

Before working at Spark Therapeutics, I was a therapist. In that role, I got to help people through their challenges as well as share in celebrating their successes. I’m truly fascinated with people and all aspects of human behavior: the resilience of the human spirit, the ability to face and overcome challenges, and the connections people make. I believe that working with people, supporting them, and being invited into their lives is a true privilege that I never take for granted.

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Although I loved being a therapist, my friend from graduate school who worked at Spark Therapeutics contacted me about a job opportunity. The first day I visited the office, I knew this was the place for me. Everyone I spoke to was full of energy and enthusiasm for the work that Spark Therapeutics does. Within the Spark Generation Patient Services team, we have a mantra that really speaks to our patient-centric soul: “Do right by the patient and everything else will fall into place.” I’m constantly in awe of the very smart, humble, and kind people here who do amazing work for patients and their families.

When I’m not in the office, I’m probably outside with my rescue dog playing in the park. I also like exploring new breweries, restaurants, and parts of the city with my partner, Katie. In the past, I was a rugby player, until a knee injury forced me to be active in different ways. Now I satisfy my love of sports with other less risky activities or watching sports. Besides being active, I really like being creative. One of my dreams is to write a children’s book.

Lauren F
Headshot of Lauren from the PAS support team

Since childhood, I have dealt with chronic ear infections and partial hearing loss. I always thought that it set me apart, and felt embarrassed about not being able to hear well. The people around me were always supportive and positive, which made overcoming hurdles a little easier. Having people in my corner, whether they were the staff at my doctor’s office or my family and friends, made me realize just how lucky I was. I wanted to be able to do the same for others.

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Working at Spark Therapeutics allows me to be part of something new, with the potential to create profound changes in patients’ lives. It’s simply incredible. I want to make the patients I work with feel at ease and to understand what they are going through. Whether I’m working with patients or their families, it’s important to me that they receive the best possible care at every point in their treatment journey.

On weekends, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Lance, and our Siberian husky. Fall is my favorite season. It’s the perfect time of year for watching football, biking, and exploring new restaurants. I love to travel, and although I’m horrible at it, I enjoy snowboarding. Really, at the end of the day, I just like being outside.

Meet the Patient Access Liaison (PAL) team

Your dedicated PAL works outside the Spark Therapeutics office and is a good source of in-person support when you need it. Your PAL can help you understand your insurance coverage throughout your treatment journey.

Michael H
Headshot of Michael from the PAL support team

I have a lot of experience working with patients. It’s a career that always finds new ways to be rewarding, sometimes in unexpected ways. A few years ago, in my last role, my colleagues and I received handwritten letters from patients and caregivers thanking us for the work we did. Many stated that the support we provided had a meaningful impact on their lives. To see tangible proof that our work directly improves peoples’ lives is incredibly gratifying.

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When I joined Spark Therapeutics, I was immediately impressed by the company’s commitment to patients. Not only is its science groundbreaking, so is its approach to delivering that science to patients. My colleagues are constantly asking, “How can we do it better?” That dedication to putting patients first, combined with the willingness to explore, is exciting and inspires me every day.

Outside of work, I have a real passion for both art and nature. When I’m not perusing local galleries or modern art museums, I’m hitting the picturesque trails of the American outdoors. I have a particular soft spot for destinations out west. Some of my favorites include the Cascades, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the area around Lake Tahoe.

Lee L
Headshot of Lee from the PAL support team

Learning patients’ life stories is a big part of what motivates me. Their stories are much more than just how they live with a genetic disease. Their stories are about their inspirations and aspirations, their relationships with friends and family, and who they are mentally and spiritually. Learning about their lives gives me a deep sense of connection. I do whatever I can for them to alleviate stress, confusion, or concern. One of the greatest joys in my job is working together with patients to overcome obstacles.

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What inspired me to work at Spark Therapeutics was the scientists who developed gene therapy. They spend their time discovering ways for patients to overcome the challenges of their diseases. It's been so exciting to see how the science, research and dedication all come together to help my patients—it's what drives me.

When it comes to my hobbies, I love anything water related. I enjoy boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and going to the beach. My personal life revolves around my family and adorable goldendoodle. Whether it’s enjoying a glass of wine with my husband, or watching my children play sports, I love spending time with them. On the rare occasions that I have time to myself, I really enjoy reading mystery novels.

Maria C
Headshot of Maria from the PAL support team

I have been fortunate to work in several different aspects of the healthcare industry. Although I enjoyed every role, I wanted to engage with patients and better understand their perspectives. Working closely with patients and being a part of their journey is a dream come true for me.

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People living with inherited diseases do not have many options. Because of that reality, Spark champions research that could forever change and advance the field of gene therapy. It is very inspiring to work for a company that pursues rare disease indications. Having the chance to participate in potentially life-changing patient experiences is beyond amazing. My role is to provide support that can create a path all the way through the treatment journey.

My desire to help others extends to my personal life as well. I went to Houston after Hurricane Harvey to assist in rescuing animals and helping people affected by the storm. In addition, I regularly volunteer at animal rescue centers near my home. When possible, I like to travel internationally to learn about other cultures. I have made incredible friends and shared amazing experiences by meeting people from all over the world.

David M
Headshot of David from the PAL support team

In the past, I spent many years working in neonatal intensive care units offering education on the effects of respiratory syncytial virus in children. I enjoyed educating hospital staff, but what mattered most was being able to help improve those tiny lives even if in a small way. This is where I learned the effect I could have on a patient’s life.

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What drew me to Spark Therapeutics was its mission to innovate. To be part of creating the future is truly amazing. That innovation is done with patients in mind. We are using novel approaches in everything we do, from science to payer relations, and even how we support and interact with patients.

I’m very family focused. Much of my time outside of work is spent with my wife, son, and our 3 big dogs. We are an outdoorsy family that stays active by hiking, running, and kayaking.